Wind Power vs Solar Power, which is better?

There has been ranging debates on which power is better than the other between solar power and wind power. This is just like comparing office space London with property management agents York. Whereas it is not the intention of this paper to render judgment on which is better, the paper seeks to highlight main thematic issues surrounding the two power sources.

Solar power has been limited by the fact that the initial installation is somewhat high whereby a solar panel generating 1000 watt goes for about $3000 to $4000. On the other hand a 1000 watt wind micro turbine goes for less than $2000. This makes wind power more popular among the alternative forms of energy. This popularity is just like wow gold or Christmas lights in this festive season!

The wind power generator lasts relatively longer than the solar power generator, although the wind power generators need maintenance. This is just like maintaining second hand cars! Wind turbines are also the best alternative for commercial scale power production like national grid because they are efficient and effective, can be put in several different locations, the present technology has made the wind turbines more environmental friendly making them noise free.

Nonetheless, at small scale power production, even if wind turbines are good, they are best when incorporated with the solar system. It should be noted that small wind turbines can generate electricity even when there are just breezes even at night while solar panels generate electricity when there is sun. The challenge posed by small wind turbines is that they are areas specific where they require more wind to function well, they require very good airflow. Their sizes make them sensitive to turbulent wind like when it is constantly changing direction; this makes the turbine to keep turning chasing after the wind instead of generating power.

Wind turbines are best along the coast lines or in open air places and not in built up areas where wind speed is low. Installing it on the rooftop of a building has been found to limit its performance because buildings create some kind of turbulence. The turbine vibrations can also be amplified in the brick walls creating loud vibration noise. Installing the wind turbine on top of a house is just like administering the wrong hcg diet plan to a patient or placing a graduate on salary scales that fist a certificate holder!

Solar panels are easy to install on the rooftops giving one maximum success. Turbines can frustrate an individual if installed in the wrong location and they need very informed buyer as most of the turbines available in the market do not have the right sensitivity. This is just like getting the wrong louver shutters for an apartment! Or this is jut like the hip replacement recall for high failures. However, if one gets the correct installation point, they would enjoy great services from the wind power generators. This is just like having a good Motorola mobile battery that keeps charge for long!