Urban life versus Rural Life

Many of us can argue the whole day when a simple question is posed to them asking which one is more better rural, or urban life. It depends where you are born and brought up having various perspective views and opinions as far as these two lives are concerned. Some will say rural life is so boring and remote but others will contrast this by a quick serenity of environment which is in contact and still very fresh. Unlike urban rural life is simple and very quiet, slow and more relaxed.

Coconut oil for face can only be found in rural setup mostly in the coastal regions where the soil and climatic conditions favor the growth and thriving of these kinds of plants. Coconut is very important source of food, more rejuvenating and has a lot of nutrients in the body making essential part of the life we live. The face is purified giving it smooth taste and very glittering, reducing wrinkles and one looks very beautiful when applied. This must be well maintained with rich sources of natural food and indigenous which exist mostly in the rural areas. Energy is achieved, full of good health and strength to undertake daily activities.

Urban life on the other hand has a favorable upper hand in terms of social amenities especially in developing nations. Good and well equipped hospitals, well maintained infrastructure and health care, good and affordable housing, sanitation and above all, education system well elaborated with hot topics in education and various activities and co curriculum. Many people leave villages to seek for greener pasture in tons and this leads to urbanization. They are favorable in terms of opportunities and self sustainability. Helps one to organize him/herself in a proper manner to face challenges of life as they are well exposed.

Car accident lawyers also exist in urban centers to defend someone whenever they come across the law offences. Life can be very hard without an attorney especial when faced with legal issues like such accident. Looking for a lawyer can make you freak in the villages; they are rare to find and scattered consuming a lot of time and resources which could otherwise have been used in another different project or development.

Movie lovers can easily have movie reviews in urban set up and unlike rural where people are busy absorbed on their agricultural produce, domestic setup and simple reserved lifestyle where such activities as watching movies are not normal. This makes life so exciting in towns and unlike the villages, then again it all depends with an individual some people just don’t like having fun around such as watching movies and cinemas.

Natural hair products mostly can be found in urban areas where treatment of hair is done. Good established salons and barber shops provide exceptional services making life more relaxed after having a tough day may be at work. Hospitals which are well equipped exist mostly in urban arias, with professional personals and well trained skillful doctors who really know how to handle sciatica and various forms of illness.