America and Renewable Energy: A Closer Look

Mother Earth talks. America listens.

Unlike before when words like solar panels, wind turbines, and renewable resources sound gibberish like a manual on how to make a website or a treatise on stromanbieter vergleich, America today has been greatly discovering the enormous economic and environmental benefits of investing in renewable energy. Like any good meladerm review, the renewable energy sector has been producing highly commendable results both for the environment and the American economy.

For years now, the U.S. Federal Government has been earmarking huge amounts to bolster the production, operation, and maintenance of wind and solar energy facilities. The U.S. government also installs solar panels to as many homes and business establishments as possible. Today, living in a home powered by wind vanes or solar panels doesn’t seem geeky as hell anymore, but as smart and sexy as Helen Pastorino.
Clean, affordable, safe source of electricity

Unlike the other sources of electricity–like nuclear power plants–wind farms, solar panels, geothermal plants, and hydroelectric facilities are much, much cleaner and safer producers of electrical power. To date, these renewable energy sources account to 14.3 percent of America’s total domestic electricity production; in 2009, U.S. was trailing only China as the biggest producer of such electricity source in the planet.

Geothermal plants, wind farms, and solar power facilities are relatively easier to maintain and operate, and don’t pose threats to peoples’ lives and health similar to Chernobyl. Also, they are much easier to conceptualize and plan–most solar panels, for instance, can even be designed to look attractive on one’s roof, the way a skilled artist would execute a canapé design to accentuate a posh interior or how an auctioneer would arrange lots and items in auction sites to attract possible bidders.

Also, unlike the traditional sources of energy that monthly cost as much as two short nights of stay on Chautauqua lake homes, solar panels come cheap, like car batteries UK. It is this affordability that makes owning solar panels attractive, just like enrolling in an RN to MSN course where the economic and financial benefits are at a staggering high.
Curbing unemployment woes

Apart from the very obvious environmental benefits, America’s renewable energy boom also helps in curbing the country’s unemployment rate. Like brisk-selling coffee machines, the solar energy industry is creating jobs at breakneck speed to around 90,000 Americans, making it the quickest source of livelihood for those hit by the recent U.S. economic woes. These jobs are mostly on the solar panel installation, since businessmen and homeowners are now learning the huge benefits of using solar panels to power their establishments and homes, respectively. No longer does the average American need to wrestle with each other to land a job like contractor leads–the solar power industry alone makes such an opportunity well within peoples’ reach.

Needless to say, America’s future doesn’t seem bleak, thanks to that wonderful God-given gift called renewable energy.