Labeling yourself as green

I’ve always thought that part of the appeal of recycling was the use of curbside bins. The bins — brightly colored, easily recognized and placed on the curb outside a home — are part of a consumer’s personal brand. They say “I recycle. I’m part of the solution.”

I thought of that last night as I read a piece in Businessweek about the growing popularity of green tags. According to the article, a company called TerraPass offers windshield decals to consumers who buy a tag to offset emissions. And it occurred to me that the key to success in this operation may be in the decals, etc. that consumers can use to “advertise” their purchase.

I expect to see smart marketers creating ever-more attractive labels, decals and certificates that businesses and consumers can display to show they participate in an offset program. And I expect to see related products — t-shirts, hats and coffee cups –bearing green-tag logos popping up in homes and offices.

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