Tipping points and wedges

One of the reasons I started this blog was a sense that something was about to change in the wind-power business. I’ve come to believe that wind power has reached a Tipping Point, if you’ll pardon the use of the newly popular business cliché, and I wanted to be part of what comes next.

We’ll talk quite a bit about this concept in the days ahead, and I’ll point to the sorts of Tipping Point moments that I’m seeing in wind power. For example, consider the public-relations opportunities in the news that Elizabeth Kolbert, the writer of the three-part series last year in the New Yorker about climate change, has compiled her work into a book on the same subject. The press is taking note, and it’s likely that the book will attract considerable attention.

Click here to see an interview with Kolbert by Wired magazine. Make particular note that she’s promoting the “stabilization wedges” concept of Princeton University’s Robert Socolow. That same concept was also favorably reviewed late last year by the Economist.

I expect to see the phrase “stabilization wedge” become fairly common in the mainstream media…although not quite as common as “global warming” or “alternative energy.” And the wind-power marketer who can become associated with the phrase and the concept stands to benefit.

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