Small turbines attract big media

I guess I’m not the only reporter to think there’s great potential in the smaller turbines being sold by Southwest Windpower. I’d mentioned the product a few weeks ago when I saw a reference in Fortune Small Business magazine.

Now Red Herring has a more detailed piece that focuses on the low-cost and ease-of-use advantages of the product. “SWWP’s new turbine is much easier to use. It includes all the inverters, controllers, and other parts needed to connect to the grid. They are all contained within the body of the generator, lowering the production and installation costs, says Mr. Greco, who expects a retail price of around $5,500.”

If you have a small piece of land, you may want to take a look at SWWP’s new product. Alas, if you’re an investor who likes the product, there’s not much you can do. SWWP is privately held.

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