Teaching about wind energy through KidWind

I recently praised an ambitious student with an interest in wind energy. So it’s only fitting that I make note of a remarkable program created by a remarkable teacher (well, actually from a remarkable ex-teacher.) KidWind is “is a team of teachers, students, engineers and practitioners exploring the science behind wind energy in classrooms around […]

What if those turbines should spill some wind into the water? You ever think about that?

I happened to be in Chicago a few weeks ago when Earl Bush, press aide to the first Mayor Daley, passed away. Bush is best remembered for defending the English-challenged mayor with the line “Don’t print what he said. Print what he meant.” I think of Mr. Bush and that line often whenever I hear […]

There’s something rotten in Massachusetts, not Denmark

Jens Larsen knows quite a bit about wind power. He’s the director of the Copenhagen Environment and Energy Office and project manager for Denmark’s Middelgrunden wind farm, an offshore system that’s similar to the proposed facility off Cape Cod. As I’ve mentioned before, the Cape Wind plan has attracted complaints from a collection of wealthy, […]