Can a turbine be beautiful?

I must confess — I find wind turbines lovely. Whenever I see these things, wherever I see them, I’m struck by the sheer “attractiveness” of them. I see clean lines that frame and accent open vistas. I see blades in triplicate — dancing, spinning, weaving. And to the mind of this lapsed Catholic it all somehow seems God-like. It evokes creation, nature and the Trinity.

I know that I’m not alone in my love affair with the look of wind farms. There’s a reason why so many photographers are drawn to them. But for each of us who sees something lovely, there is another who sees something grotesque.

So I was pleased when a reader of this blog sent me a link to a piece on the Design Observer blog. Justin Good, a philosopher and writer, has published a piece on the aesthetics of wind farms. Take a look. Make sure you read the comments as well. And be as pleased as I was to learn that “Although they can exhibit aspects of ugliness, wind farms are objectively beautiful.”

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