Federal law threatens Cape Wind

The federal government is sticking its nose someplace it doesn’t likely belong — the controversy over an offshore wind farm in Massachusetts.

According to this editorial in the Boston Globe, a clause in a spending bill for the U.S. Coast Guard would give Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney veto power over the Cape Wind project. It’s worth noting — as the Globe did — that state law grants no such power to the governor…and with good reason. It’s also worth noting — as the Globe did — that this incursion into state affairs comes courtesy of the “well-heeled opponents on the Cape and Islands, who have funded the lobbying campaign waged against Cape Wind in the backrooms of Congress.”

Once, years ago, I lived on Nantucket, one of those well-heeled islands. And I assure you that the place is full of the pretentious and privileged people that believe they are justified in using wealth to harm others. Here’s hoping that the Globe’s reasoned voice will prevail.

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